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Complications of Multiple Pregnancy

by Ankur P Why is multiple pregnancy a concern? Being pregnant with more than one baby is exciting and is often a happy event for many couples. However, multiple pregnancy has increased risks for complications. The most common complications include the following: preterm labor and birth About half of twins and nearly all higher-order multiples […]

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7 Books: The Vanishing American; The Man of the Forest; Arizona Ames; Twin Sombreros; The Dude Ranger; Riders of the Purple Sage; The Hash Knife Outfit

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Vanishing Act (Northern Lights Books for Children)

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My Twin Vanished: Did Yours? Reviews

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A Touch of Charlotte

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Vanishing twin linked to poor perinatal outcome.(News): An article from: OB GYN News

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Twins and the Study of Multiple Birth Including Conjoined Twins, Vanishing Twins, and More

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How twins are made, in 90 days

by Ankur P Methinks you are my glass, and not my brother: I see by you I am a sweet-faced youth.~ William Shakespeare Since you have made the choice that what you want to try to have are multiples – the problem is how? (To start I trust it is for caring/ethical reasons – and […]

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The Twin That Vanished

by james.gordon6108 To me, one of the most exciting things about being an EFT Practitioner is the frequency of extraordinary emotional excursions that take place outside of our usual one dimensional realm. This is a story about fetal emotions that lay behind a prenatal trauma, and the effects that spilled over into the early childhood […]

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Vanishing Clues (Time Navigators Series #2) (Book 2)

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