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{ Monthly Archives } July 2010

Got Twins? Myths, Misconceptions And Questions You Should Not Ask

by denn It is impossible to go to the grocery store and not see yet another Hollywood “who’s who” sporting the newest, must have “baby bump.”  Who knew keeping up with the Jones’—or Pitts would require half a dozen kids, including twins.  So to answer the question, “Why does it seem like twins are everywhere?  […]

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6 Stunning Tips On How To Make Any Girl Like You (Even If You Are Not Good-Looking)! A Must Read

by Okinawa Soba Here’s a little not-so-secret. Girls have a million insecurities, from a chipped nail, to their weight. Guys are more level-headed and know that looks don’t always have to matter. But this changes when a guy find a girl he actually likes. Apart from obsessing about his breath, he spends more time in […]

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Multiple Births: Twins and Twinning

by denn In most mammals the litter size is fairly constant and is roughly correlated with, among other features, body size, gestation period, life span, type of uterus, and number of teats. For example, a large mammal with a normal pregnancy of more than 150 days, a life span of more than 20 years, […]

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