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3 Giveaway Signs that a Girl Likes you and thinks you are hot

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by qwz

Signs a Girl Likes You – Like Reading her mind

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just read a girl’s mind.  It be like in the movies you walk past a girl and you can hear her voice in your head saying ‘wow he is hot’?

While many girls are really good at playing games when it comes to dating and seduction and one of the most popular games they like to play is called hide your real feelings. However here is one way you can tell that a girl likes you and it is so dead on it is like reading her mind.  The best part about it no matter how much she may want to she couldn’t hide it to save her life.  It all has to do with her eyes.

-Look at her eyes when she first sees you.

When a girl first looks at a guy she could do one of two things with her eyes.  Either she is going to look at your head or face and then turn away she’s going to look at your face and then her eyes will travel downward.  Can you guess why her eyes might travel downward?  The reason is because she liked what she saw when she first saw your face and wants to check the rest of you out.  So as her eyes are scanning downward she is looking at your body, the way you dress, perhaps the way you walk if you are walking, and even look at your shoes.  When you first see a girl if you see her eyes look at your face and then her eyes go downward it is a definite sign that the girl likes you.

-How to look at her eyes if you are close to her.

Here is a second way look at a girl’s eyes to see if she likes you. You won’t be able to perform this test though unless you are close to the girl and the lighting is fairly good so you can see her eyes fairly closely and easily.  Here is the way you could work this test.  Let’s say you were in a bar standing next to a girl that you don’t know and she is doing her own thing drinking her drink talking to a friend or whatever.  She hasn’t noticed you yet.  Sit down or stand next to her and then say something that would cause her to turn her head and look at you.  It could be as simple as saying hi or something more innocuous like saying ‘could you please pass me the peanuts’ focus intensely at her eyes when she first looks at you. Look for her pupils to dilate or get larger right after she looks at you.  This is another unconscious and uncontrollable response that a girl has if there is an attraction.  It’s not too different from the first test.  What happens is the girl likes what she first sees and her pupils widen or dilate to see more acutely.  It is an unconscious response to greatly heightened interest.

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